We Pursue Excellence

Stop and take a deep breath, take in that fresh air and those inappreciable smells of something bigger to come. Welcome to Big Sur, taking the spirit of the northern California coast line and the infamous surf breaks of Big Sur. We bring you a truly innovative product worthy of the name Big Sur. In boding the spirit and true allure of the iconic spot.

Big Sur is more than a coastline or a feeling; it’s a lifestyle choice. We are creating big plans for a big life and a big future, fueled by big adventure. Big Sur is about big ideas, big dreams, big plans, big contrabutions, and going BIG.

At BIG SUR Extracts we strive to provide the premium concentrates experience. Bringing our active lifestyle and sense of exploration to our products. Our Drops line is a dabbable product created using our approach in a modern lab environment. Bringing you a product created by people who are passionate about the product and the movement.

Big Sur extracts is a collaborative dedicated to elevating the science and craft of super critical CO2 and solvent free post processing to the highest level. Our Drops line is an innovative, dabable product created through our scientific approach in our state-of-the-art facility. We are proud to present highly potent and solvent free products by people who are passionate about the movement and the lifestyle.