Introducing our Cloud Drop cartridge in three cutting-edge formulas.

Big Sur Extracts uses nothing but the plant. We pride ourselves on the purity and quality of product that we produce. None of our final products are ever cut with any external chemicals. All cannabis is tested above and beyond state standards to ensure your safety and well-being.

This award-winning*, customized cannabinoid blend gives a full-spectrum cannabis experience. One part CBD provides a soothing, non-psychoactive, medicinal effect. One part Delta-9 THC unlocks the creative, euphoric, good times vibes. Two parts of Delta-8 THC round out the mix with its clean, focused, and mildly psychoactive nature. The entourage effect in this cannabinoid blend results in the sum being greater than its parts. The Hat Trick is customized with a double strain hybrid matrix for even more balanced effect.

*3rd place winner for best CO2 cartridge at 2018 Emerald Cup


Medium psychoactivity, pain management, creative, medicinal, soothing, party time vibes


1 CBD: 1 D9: 2D8 ; blended hybrid terpene profile

Dive into your flow with our Delta-8 THC rich Dayrider. This award-winning* formulation provides a lightly psychoactive experience while offering all of the medicinal benefits of Delta 8, such as decreased anxiety, reduced pain and inflammation, and more. You’ll notice a clean, confident, focused experience from the unique Delta-8 cannabinoid, paired with single strain, sativa-dominant terpenes to maximize the uplifting, energizing effect.

Relax, re-up, and ride on with the Dayrider!

*2nd place winner for best Co2 cartridge at 2017 Emerald Cup


Mild psychoactivity, focused, motivated, uplifted, reduced anxiety, analgesic, antiemetic


70-80% Delta-8 THC; single-strain sativa dominant terpene profile

The Classic embodies the recreational spirit of cannabis with its signature Delta-9 THC richness. This is the original story of cannabis, the cannabinoid that started the revolution! Delta-9 is the plant-based THC cannabinoid that has been entertaining the cannabis-loving community since the plant’s discovery.

We customize this extract using indica-dominant strains to maximize the effects of this relaxing, heady experience. Chill, play, and party on with The Classic.


High psychoactivity, euphoric, body high


75-85% Delta-9 THC; blended indica-dominant terpene profile