Big Sur Extracts

Big Sur Exctracts embodies the spirit of the outdoors, a passion for adventure, and a commitment to nature & community. We use only top-shelf, sun-grown cannabis, sourced from artisan growers who practice sustainable & renewable farming practices.

Our New & Exclusive
Sun Drops

Big Sur extracts has worked diligently to create our Sun Drops line- a CO2 dab that, unlike BHO dabs, never touches any hydrocarbons such as butane, propane, or ethanol. By processing with strain-specific and single-source cannabis-derived terpenes, maximum flavor is produced and a mouth-watering appearance is achieved. We let nature do the work as all Sun Drops are extracted from sun-grown cannabis and always tested for contaminants. All concentrate products test at over 80% potency and allow interesting strain characteristics to shine through.

CO2 Jelly Wax

Soft, pliable and easy to apply – an ideal dab.

Solvent-Free Post-Process

Subcritical CO2 Primary Extraction, refined using heat and pressure only (no ethanol or other solvents).

Strain Specific

Single source, 100% cannabis derived, nothing  from outside the plant, ever.

Full Spectrum

Careful handling throughout extraction retains all original cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from the plant, maintaining the entourage effect.



Premium extracts averaging 85% cannabinoids



Natural preserved terpene concentration, replicating the original cannabis. Averaging 2-5% terpenes.


Introducing our innovative

Cloud Drop Cartridges 

Big Sur Extracts uses nothing but the plant. We pride ourselves on the purity and quality of product that we produce. None of our final products are ever cut with any external chemicals. All cannabis is tested above and beyond state standards to ensure your safety and well-being.

The Hat Trick

This award-winning*, customized cannabinoid blend gives a full-spectrum cannabis experience. One part CBD provides a soothing, non-psychoactive, medicinal effect. One part Delta-9 THC unlocks the creative, euphoric, good times vibes. Two parts of Delta-8 THC round out the mix with its clean, focused, and mildly psychoactive nature. The entourage effect in this cannabinoid blend results in the sum being greater than its parts. The Hat Trick is customized with a double strain hybrid matrix for even more balanced effect.

The Dayrider

Dive into your flow with our Delta-8 THC rich Dayrider. This award-winning* formulation provides a lightly psychoactive experience while offering all of the medicinal benefits of Delta 8, such as decreased anxiety, reduced pain and inflammation, and more. You’ll notice a clean, confident, focused experience from the unique Delta-8 cannabinoid, paired with single strain, sativa-dominant terpenes to maximize the uplifting, energizing effect.

The classic

The Classic embodies the recreational spirit of cannabis with its signature Delta-9 THC richness. This is the original story of cannabis, the cannabinoid that started the revolution! Delta-9 is the plant-based THC cannabinoid that has been entertaining the cannabis-loving community since the plant’s discovery.

We customize this extract using indica-dominant strains to maximize the effects of this relaxing, heady experience. Chill, play, and party on with The Classic.

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Our cutting-edge, scientific approach to cannabis engineering allows for exciting new possibilities & one-of-a-kind, curated cannabinoid experiences. To achieve such a delightful expierece we use advanced extraction…

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