Big Sur Extracts embodies the spirit of the outdoors, a passion for adventure, and a commitment to nature and community. We are a boutique brand and a pioneering company that excels in original products, packaging and design. We use only top-shelf, sun-grown cannabis, sourced from artisan growers who practice sustainable and renewable farming practices.

Our cutting-edge, scientific approach to cannabis engineering allows for exciting new possibilities and one-of-a-kind, curated cannabinoid experiences. We use advanced CO2 extraction and distillation techniques to create ultra-refined cannabinoids and terpenes. Our unique strain blending provides a boosted plant experience for heightened entourage effects. The low temperature design of our customized C-Cell cartridges and batteries guarantees a smooth, consistent draw for a maximized vaping experience. Nothing from outside the cannabis plant is ever added to our products, and the cannabis we use for our extracts is always contaminant, pesticide and additive-free.

Our original line of Sun Drops and Star Drops and our award-winning line of Cloud Drops offer the best of both science and nature, providing uniquely tailored experiences so that you can find the balance that is just right for you- day or night. Welcome to the Big Sur lifestyle, and thank you for being part of the adventure!

Please use responsibly, not for consumption for anyone under the age of 21